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"Yieldly offers a complete solution for ""Technical Property Management - as a Service"" and approaches property management in a completely new way.Combining extensive technical knowledge with data-driven insights, we offer a new, innovative approach that promotes the development of sustainable buildings, while reducing costs and maximizing overall value.

Yieldly is a joint venture between Ramboll and Hyda's portfolio company Estate Logs. Estate Logs has over the past years collected data and built intelligence based on operational actions from hundreds of properties. The combination of data insights from Estate Logs, additional property information, and Ramboll's deep technical expertise allows Yieldly to both make short-term optimizations in the property and plan and execute long-term value-creating investments and maintenance.

Yieldly can also act as a strategic advisor and provide property owners with timely and important insights, enabling them to manage and develop their properties smarter and more cost-effectively."

Many years of
combined experience

Behind Yieldly are Estate Logs and Ramboll, led by the technical and commercial property management team. The team consists of experienced real estate developers who are ready to become your partner so that your properties achieve their full potential. The team has access to Ramboll's entire organization and together with Estate logs, the engine for efficient operation of the properties, we have the tools and knowledge that extend from the operation of a property to analysis, planning and implementation of strategic investments that can increase the property's net operating income, contribute to strong reduced operating costs, reduce fault-remedial maintenance and reduce energy consumption.

We have a unique approach to property management and build value already from day one. We start with our distinctive method which is to optimize the day to day operations, and then we improve each buildings technical performance. On top, we add our strategic advice backed by data and technical expertise.

– Anders Frölander, Head of Commercial, Yieldly

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Yieldly offers a complete solution for technical property management. By combining data-driven insights with extensive technical knowledge, Yieldly offers a new, innovative approach that helps develop sustainable buildings, reduce short- and long-term costs and increase long-term property value. Yieldly is a joint venture between Estate Logs, part of Hydda, and Ramboll.

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